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Automotive air conditioning electromagnetic clutch classification
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Electromagnetic clutch can be divided into: dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch, dry multi-chip electromagnetic clutch, wet multi-chip electromagnetic clutch, magnetic clutch, slip electromagnetic clutch.
Multi-chip electromagnetic clutch structure diagram, dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch structure diagram, magnetic powder electromagnetic clutch electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic clutch by the coil on and off to control the clutch engagement and separation.
Dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch: magnetic coil generated when the solenoid pull the "armature" piece, the clutch is engaged; coil power "armature" bounce, the clutch is in a separated state.
Dry multi-chip, wet multi-chip electromagnetic clutch: the same principle, plus a few additional friction, the same volume torque than the dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch, wet multi-chip electromagnetic clutch oil cooling and lubrication must work.
Slip electromagnetic clutch: Clutch work, the main, from the part must have a certain speed difference torque transmission. Torque depends on the magnetic field strength and speed difference. Excitation current remains unchanged, the speed decreases sharply with increasing torque; the torque remains unchanged, the excitation current decreases, the speed reduced more serious.
Slip differential electromagnetic clutch due to the main and driven components without any mechanical connection, no wear and tear consumption, no magnetic powder leakage, no impact, adjust the excitation current can change the speed, CVT use, which is its advantage. The main disadvantage of this clutch is that eddy currents in the rotor generate heat, which is proportional to the speed difference. Low efficiency low speed operation, efficiency-based, driven shaft speed ratio, η = n2 / n1
Magnetic clutch: magnetic powder placed between the initiative and the follower, the magnetic powder is loose when not energized, the magnetic powder combined when the power is on, the active and the follower rotate at the same time. Advantages: The current can be adjusted to adjust the torque, allowing greater slip. Disadvantages: larger slip temperature rise, the relative high prices.